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Tuition & Fees

Next Step Dance ~ Springfield, OR



Registration Fee per dancer/per season (Season 1: Sept-Dec & Season 2: Jan-June)


Costume Fee per dancer/per performance class/per season


Production Fee per dancer/per season

* No fee assessed Spring 2021


Competition Fee per dancer/per season (Dance Teams only)

 * No fee assessed Spring 2021 


Tuition Fees are assessed per dancer


$40/mo.       1 class per week

$80/mo.      2 classes per week

$110/mo.      3 classes per week

$140/mo.      4 classes per week

$160/mo.      5 classes per week

$180/mo.      6 classes per week

$200/mo.     7+ classes per week

20% discount for 2nd+ Sibling (living in the same household)




- Registration Fees are due at enrollment

- Tuition fees are due on the 30th before the next month (EX: February's tuition is due no later than January 30th)

- There are no refunds for missed classes

- There is a $5 late fee assessed for late payments


- Venmo @ h_mcclintick

- Check brought to class made out to "Next Step Dance"

- Cash brought to class in a clearly marked envelope



Private lessons are available for any of the following:

- Solo routines

- Technique training 

- Audition combos and training for dance and cheer (high school, college, and pro)

- Special events (wedding, quinceanera, pageant talents, etc.)



$30         30 min lesson

$45          45 min lesson

$60         60 min lesson

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