BEGINNING in January 2019


This is an opportunity for college+ aged experienced and trained dancers to come together to perform as guest artists and train in quality of movement, performance, and expression. 


This group will meet on Wednesdays from 7:00 - 8:00 P.M.


Dancers in the Collective Ambition will learn how to move, communicate, and interpret music with feeling. The goal is to help dancers connect the gaps they have as artistic athletes and performers by improving their quality of movement, performance ability, emotional connection to each piece, and their understanding of timing.


We desire to help dancers continue to grow and improve until they are ready for their next step - whatever that may be. 


We plan for this contemporary-jazz group to perform at local events to gain more experience and for the joy of performing.


This group is by invitation only. 

Please contact Hillary for more information or to audition.



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PHONE: 541.337.3367

PHYSICAL ADDRESS: Hall B, 2095 Yolanda Ave. Springfield, OR 97477

MAILING ADDRESS: 1136 S. 40th Ct. Springfield, OR 97478