About Technique Classes

Aspiring dancers in Lane County can take technique dance lessons at Next Step Dance and learn the fundamentals of ballet with emphasis on jazz technique training. We offer a safe, nurturing environment for all our students, so they can focus on dance.


A foundation in technique helps your child learn coordination, strength, control, and flexibility as they gain poise and confidence.  If your child loves dancing around the house, maybe it’s time to see if they would like to dance with us!


Next Step Dance focuses on both foundational ballet training and skill acquisition. Dancers will learn ballet basics and technical skills to practice and improve kicks, leaps, turns and combination skills.  Both stationary training exercises and progressive skills will be covered according to level.

Specialized Technique Classes:

Flexibility & Kicks: Classes focus on improving flexibility and acquiring the strength and control to use it.

Turns: Classes focus on proper alignment, technique, and body control for pirouettes and turns in a la seconde.

Jumps & Leaps: Classes focus on proper execution of dance leaps and jumps.


Classes Offered:

Beginning Technique: Ages 7-11

Intermediate Technique: Contact us for placement

Advanced Technique: Contact us for placement

Intermediate/Advanced Turns: Contact us for placement

Dress Code for Technique Classes:

- Tights & leotard (shorts & skirts allowed)

- Leggings & leotard

- Hair pulled back

- Very minimal jewelry

- Jazz shoes, pirouettes, or ballet shoes



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PHONE: 541.337.3367

PHYSICAL ADDRESS: Hall B, 2095 Yolanda Ave. Springfield, OR 97477

MAILING ADDRESS: 1136 S. 40th Ct. Springfield, OR 97478