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The Colleens is the name of our competitive teams. 

These teams compete within the Oregon Dance and Drill Coaches Association at competitions throughout Oregon.



Juniors:                        Dancers in grades 3-5

                                      TBD to resume January 2021

                                      One hour technique training & one hour routine practice per week



Seniors:                        Dancers in grades 6-8

                                      TBD to resume January 2021

                                      Two hours technique training & one hour routine practice per week



Sheldon Colleens:       Dancers in grades 9-12 who have been accepted into the Sheldon high school dance team program.                                        These dancers are current Sheldon High School students.




ABOUT the Junior & Senior Colleens:

  • Dancers can be from anywhere in the local “Eugene/Springfield” area. They do not have to be from any specific school.

  • Dancers do not need extensive experience and skill to join the team.

  • Dancers must have a focused and competitive mindset and a great attitude!

  • Parents and dancers need to be willing to adhere to the expectations to participate on this team. 

  • The teams will compete in the Eugene/Springfield and Portland areas.

  • Dancers are required to attend performances and competitions.

  • Additional out-of-state trips and performances opportunities are open to Colleens.


Attendance:      Dancers are expected to attend practice each week with as minimal absences as possible.

Focus:               Dancers are expected to listen and work hard during practice.

Attitude:            Dancers learn with a “will do” attitude and apply corrections with positivity.

Flexibility:         Dancers will be taught proper stretching and warm-up activities, which they will engage in each                                    week and be expected to do at home at least three other days per week on their own. 

                          Dancers are expected to display improvement in flexibility throughout the season.

Skill:                  Dancers will be working on technical ballet and jazz skills including a variety of kicks, leaps, turns                                  and combination tricks. Dancers are expected to display improvement throughout the season.                                      Practicing at home is highly encouraged!

Foundation:     Dancers need to know their “motion placement.” These will be taught in class and practice video                                   will be provided.  Dancers should memorize these as quickly as possible.

Practice:           Dancers will be learning choreography each week, and thus, each dancer is expected to practice at

                         home to memorize the choreography and improve her ability to execute it accurately. 

                         A practice video will be provided.

All performances and Competitions are listed on the "Performances" page!



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PHONE: 541.337.3367

PHYSICAL ADDRESS: Hall B, 2095 Yolanda Ave. Springfield, OR 97477

MAILING ADDRESS: 1136 S. 40th Ct. Springfield, OR 97478