• Tuition is due before your first class and on the 30th before the next month.

  • Next Step Dance accepts cash or checks to “Sheldon Colleens” or "Next Step Dance."

  • Cash must be in a marked envelope.

  • Checks need to list the dancer’s full name written on the memo line.

  • A $25 charge will be issued for all returned checks.

  • Your payment must be current in order for the student to participate in classes, performances, conventions, trips, and competitions.

  • There is a 20% late fee for tuition paid late.

  • There are no refunds once registration and payment has been made.

  • There are no refunds for missed classes.



  • Register via our online registration form.

    • Choose your desired class/classes

    • Sign the Next Step Dance Policies

  • There is a $10 fee per person to register each season.


  • Attendance and effort play a vital part in how well you or your dancer will progress. 

  • Dancers who fall behind due to absence are expected to catch back up on missed choreography via the practice videos.

  • Please make every effort to be in class and to notify the Hillary by text or email if a student must miss a class.

  • Credit is not given for absences.

  • You are investing your time, energy, and money into quality dance education; we want to encourage you to give it your full attention.



  • Next Step Dance has a dress code listed under each class descrtiption on the "classes" page.

  • To “look like a dancer” encourages one to conduct oneself like a dancer.

  • Students not dressed according to the dress code will not be permitted to participate in class.

    • Please check the dress code(s) for your dancer’s class(es).

  • There will be no gum chewing, eating, or drinking in the dance studio. 

  • Please bring a personal water bottle.

  • Extremely minimal jewelry may be worn. Please keep it to the bare minimum for safety reasons. We will not be responsible for damage or loss. 

  • Hair must be secured away from the face and neck. 

  • Please label all of your dance items with dancer’s name on them – especially the shoes!



  • Next Step Dance Studio is hereby granted permission to take photographs of students for school use in brochures, the Next Step Dance website, posters and all other promotional materials created by Next Step Dance Staff members or professional photographers hired by Next Step Dance and/or Sheldon Colleens. 

  • Permission is also granted for Next Step Dance and Sheldon Colleens Inc. to copyright such photographs in its name.



  • Students are expected to have their own accident and medical insurance either under their parent’s coverage or their own. 

  • All instructors of Next Step Dance and Sheldon Colleens Inc. are safety conscious and follow appropriate safety procedures. 

  • Next Step Dance Studio LLC, Sheldon Colleens Inc., and Emerald Square Dance Center will be held harmless from liability or claims resulting from your child’s participation in the studio dance training program.




  • Email and text are the quickest forms of communication. 

  • Please contact Hillary to set up a meeting in person should that be desired as instructors are typically teaching directly before and/or after each class.

  • Patience and understanding are essential. All people learn at a different pace. 

  • Please do not compare your dancer’s progress to any other student. 

  • Please speak with Hillary if you have any reasons for concern about your dancer or their instructor/s.

  • You will be contacted if an instructor has any concern in regards to your dancer’s progress.

  • Dancers are expected to listen, focus, and give their best effort at all times.

    • Dancers who refuse to follow instructions and/or participate will be asked to sit out of class.

      • Parents will be contacted should this occur.

      • Dancers will be asked to leave the class should this occur more than once.



  • Dancers need to use the restroom, put proper shoes on, have hair tied up and jewelry removed, etc., before class. 

  • While on the premises of the studio, students and any other family members should conduct themselves in an orderly fashion. 

  • Please be courteous to fellow parents and dancers.

  • Please drive slowly and safely in the parking lot.

  • Students are to remain inside until picked up by a parent. 

  • Please be punctual when picking up your child.

    • Dancers who are picked up late will have a charge on their account of $30 per every 15 minutes.

    • Please speak with Hillary should you need to make another arrangement regarding drop-off or pick up.

  • Shamrock parents are welcome to stay on-site for the duration of the Shamrocks’ class.

    • Please be as quiet as possible to limit distraction.


Performances & Competitions

  • Basic information will be posted on the website for all performances and competitions.

    • It will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.

  • Dancer specific information will be emailed out to the email listed in the registration.

    • Dancers and parents can expect detailed information approximately 5 days before the event.

  • Costume information will be listed on the website for each season.


Camps, Clinics & Trips

  • This information is listed on our website under the “Camps/Clinics” tab.




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PHONE: 541.337.3367

PHYSICAL ADDRESS: Hall B, 2095 Yolanda Ave. Springfield, OR 97477

MAILING ADDRESS: 1136 S. 40th Ct. Springfield, OR 97478