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More than Just a Dance Class:


Taking a dance class does more than simply increase students’ knowledge of technique and terminology, as it is also an exercise in self-confidence, creativity, and social engagement. For the youngsters and adults who enroll, they will accomplish the following while learning to dance in our fun, nurturing studio environment:

  • Follow complex directions and commit choreography to memory

  • Engage and work together with others to perform group steps and dances

  • Hone their creative abilities and expression

  • Enhancing their physical strength, coordination, and flexibility


Exercise Your Body and Mind

Dance is a mode of self-expression and creativity. As such, hip hop dancing provides more than just a fun, dynamic way for students to work out. It’s also an outlet for building self-confidence, social skills, and even youngsters’ cognitive abilities. On top of these clear advantages of hip hop dancing, this class also offers the following opportunities for students of all ages:

  • Creative expression

  • Social engagement

  • Enhancement of strength, flexibility, and coordination

  • Opportunities to solve problems and work in teams

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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