Fun for Children and Adults:

In each class, dancers can develop their knowledge of jazz techniques while refining their flexibility and control. Beginning classes guide students through the basics, which are followed by intermediate and advanced dance levels where students learn steps like isolation movements, turns, and jumps.


No matter what level of skill they arrive with, each student’s ability will be cultivated to grow as their passion and dedication matures.

We develop choreography and teach technique that is on par with each class level to help students develop skill and confidence.


More than Just a Dance Class:

This jazz dance class does more than simply increase students’ knowledge of technique and terminology, as it is also an exercise in self-confidence, creativity, and social engagement. For the youngsters and adults who enroll, they will accomplish the following while learning to dance in our fun, nurturing studio environment:

  • Follow complex directions and commit choreography to memory

  • Engage and work together with others to perform group steps and dances

  • Hone their creative abilities and expression

  • Enhancing their physical strength, coordination, and flexibility


As they work side by side to master the steps, students will also develop a bond that will only be strengthened with each dance they complete. Plus, with the understanding that they are all working toward a mutual goal, students will feel comfortable trying out new steps and making mistakes in the safe class environment we work to foster.

Classes Offered:

Shamrock Jazz: Ages 3-5

Emerald Jazz: Ages 6-8

Beginning (Clover) Jazz: Ages 8-12

Intermediate (Irish) Jazz: Ages 11+

Advanced Jazz: Contact us for placement

Dress Code for Jazz Classes:

- Tights & leotard (shorts & skirts allowed)

- Leggings & fitted tank tops

- Hair pulled back

- Very minimal jewelry

- Jazz shoes, pirouettes or ballet shoes



Each Jazz class will perform in our 2021 Spring Production of  "ANNIE" (May 20-21-22-23)

Each Jazz class will perform in our 2021 End of Season Showcase (June 19)


EMAIL: nextstepdance@comcast.net                 

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