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Hip hop dancing is a modern staple of self-expression. Hip Hop dance classes allow students to practice this high-energy, enjoyable form of movement. We strive to foster vibrant, nurturing class environments and help students express themselves and freely explore their passion for dance.


Hip Hop Made Easy

In each hip hop dance class, we guide students through a structured curriculum that teaches proper movement and technique, with routines set to age-appropriate music. Starting off with beginner steps, students will subsequently learn to incorporate intermediate and advanced movements into their routines. Whether they’ve taken dance classes before or are pure beginners, we strive to provide a fun and rewarding atmosphere for each student.


Exercise Your Body and Mind

Dance is a mode of self-expression and creativity. As such, hip hop dancing provides more than just a fun, dynamic way for students to work out. It’s also an outlet for building self-confidence, social skills, and even youngsters’ cognitive abilities. On top of these clear advantages of hip hop dancing, this class also offers the following opportunities for students of all ages:

  • Creative expression

  • Social engagement

  • Enhancement of strength, flexibility, and coordination

  • Opportunities to solve problems and work in teams

Classes Offered:

Shamrock Hip Hop: Ages 3-5

Emerald Hip Hop: Ages 6-8

Beginning (Clover) Hip Hop: Ages 8-12

Intermediate (Irish) Hip Hop: Ages 11+

Advanced Hip Hop: Contact us for placement

Dress Code for Jazz Classes:

- Athletic clothing that can move easily

- Modest attire (no crop tops, short shorts, low tops, etc.)

- Hair pulled back

- Very minimal jewelry

- Athletic shoes



Each Hip Hop class will perform in our 2021 Spring Production of  "ANNIE" (May 20-21-22-23)

Each Hip Hop class will perform in our 2021 End of Season Showcase (June 19)


EMAIL: nextstepdance@comcast.net                 

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