About Contemporary Dance Classes

Dance class provides a great physical outlet for kids of all ages, but it also provides life training.  Dancers are often high achievers in all areas of their lives because of the discipline, focus, work ethic, and determination they hone in their training.  Contemporary dance is a wonderful creative outlet for students as it provides technique with the exploration of expression through movement.


Contemporary Dance Classes

Contemporary dance class offers some of the same structure of ballet while combining the more improvisational feel of modern dance. Many dancers take contemporary dance classes as an addition to their training after having taken a few years of ballet or jazz. This style of dance allows for self-expression of each performer and the opportunity to move in a way that offers a bit more freedom. If your child has been itching to break the mold, enroll them in a class where they can experience floor work, changes in rhythm and speed, and more organic movements.


The Benefits of Dance Class

There are many benefits to enrolling your child in contemporary dance classes. Learning a routine helps to build a strong memory. Working with counts and measures helps to develop and integrate math skills. Performing short combinations in front of classmates helps to develop confidence and poise.  Our hope is that dance class is a place your child can leave behind the stresses of school and friends, and learn to cope with them through movement.  We believe giving your child the opportunity to experience dance classes will help enhance their personal growth.

Classes Offered:

Emerald/Beginning (Clover) Contemporary: Ages 7-12

Intermediate (Irish) Contemporary: Ages 11+

Advanced Contemporary: Contact us for placement

Dress Code for Contemporary Classes:

- Tights & leotard (shorts & skirts allowed)

- Leggings & fitted tank tops

- Hair pulled back

- Very minimal jewelry

- Jazz shoes, pirouettes or ballet shoes


Each Contemporary class will perform in our 2021 Spring Production of  "ANNIE" (May 20-21-22-23)

Each Contemporary class will perform in our 2021 End of Season Showcase (June 19)



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